Generate 5-10 more meetings per month.

Working with marketing agencies to generate at least 5-10 meetings
per month through proven outbound strategies.
Only pay when you get results.

Are you currently struggling with:

Balancing lead generation and client fulfillmentleaving you perpetually short on time, leading to late nights and a constant feeling of being overwhelmed?

Over-reliance on referrals and word-of-mouthmaking client acquisition unpredictable, so planning and growing your business sustainably feels impossible?

Depending on a handful of high-value clientsand losing even one would significantly impact your financial stability, creating a perpetual fear of revenue loss?

Why choose us?

Personalised ApproachIn-depth consultation to understand your services, target market, and unique value propositions.
Craft multiple narratives to split test during outreach ahead of time.

Advanced Cold EmailMulti domain and email set up with DNS configuration for high deliverability.
Custom Smartlead campaigns to send out hundreds of hyper personalised emails daily with automatic inbox rotation.

Advanced Cold CallingReach prospects by phone globally with AI power dialler for mass cut through, connecting with multiple decision makers daily.

Only pay for the calls that happen.

We remove all the risk for our clients by only charging when a prospect shows up to a meeting. This ensures that you get what you pay for and keeps us performing at our best.

Proven strategies

We're experts in research, B2B prospecting and bespoke outbound strategies which have allowed us to guarantee clients consistent new business meetings rolling in every single month.With our new and improved systems incorporating automation and AI technologies, we're able to scale these operations to a level where it's unreasonable not to book 5-10 calls in one month for our clients.

How it works


We'll organise a briefing session where we can learn what we need to know about your business, offer and ideal customer profile to get an idea of what we're selling and who we're selling to.

Technical Set Up

We will get ourselves set up with domains, email accounts, external plug-ins, and finally the CRM system we'll use which will give us all the tools needed to carry out our service.

Targeting & Research

With your offer and ICP in mind, we'll create targeted lead lists across multiple industries - all you have to do is approve. We'll also look into relevant people moves, social activity or industry trends that will help us in our targeted outreach.

Custom Campaigns

We will build bespoke email campaigns with our chosen automation technologies to scale outreach with warmups, email rotation and personalised messaging to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

CRM Management

Using our automation system's built-in CRM integration, we'll build a customised pipeline where we can seamlessly log contacts, latest comms with prospects and stages of outreach so that nothing slips the net.

Monthly Reporting

We'll hop on a call with you every month to keep you in the loop on outbound campaigns, relevant tradepress, warm leads & upcoming meetings.

About Us

Hey, I'm Thomas - Founder of CalendarInvite.Having come from a background in new business development for marketing agencies, I realised that so many of them struggle to know where to start when it comes to marketing their own services.I wanted to provide a scalable system that doesn't cost the Earth or eat up internal resources, allowing agencies to just enjoy having their calendars full and engaging in meaningful conversations with prospects who are interested in what they do.Because let's face it - you didn't start an agency to spend all day trying to convince people why they should work with you.That's precisely where we come in.

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